Amber Vistas is located 3 kilometres from Nemmara town, Palakkad, directly off the State Highway to Pollachi. Distances to key points of interest are as follows:

1. 1.5 kilometres from the renowned Thunjan Arts College
2. 10 kilometres from Kollencode
3. 13 kilometres from Vadkancheri
4. 15 kilometres from Govindapuram
5. 80 kilometres from Trichur
6. 153 kilometres from Cochin

Palakkad is considered a key area to watch and invest in Kerala over the next few years. Due to its proximity to Coimbatore, there is a great deal of spin-off benefits to be derived from the developments in Coimbatore.

Palakkad is also an area that has previously escaped the radar of investors, as they flocked to the major metropolitan areas of Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Kottayam and Trichur. However, with prices rapidly rising in those areas, Palakkad along with areas like Vaikom have become increasingly attractive to investors. Prices have started to increase exponentially in Palakkad town and therefore it is key to invest in outlying suburbs like Nemmara while opportunities still exist.

Prices in the area have seen an average rise of 11% compounded annually over the last 20 years. Land that sold for Rs. 12,500/cent in 1994 now sells for Rs. 1,00,000/cent. With improved highway access and new developments in the area, there is a sure growth pattern projected for Palakkad, leading to substantial prices increase for land in the next few years.

Palakkad is an obvious choice for those who wish to make mid to long-term investments. A hold and buy strategy will definitely yield very handsome returns on buyers investments. So the time to invest is now, before this opportunity passes by.

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