Design Thinking

Design Thinking is our in-house methodology and the USP behind the creation and execution of our distinctive projects.

Much more than architectural design, our Design Thinking methodology factors every aspect of a development from and end-user perspective.

Behind this robust methodology, developed over the course of over 35 years of real estate development are three key elements; Design, Functionality and Quality.

Every aspect of every Anzera projects goes through the prism of these three elements as part of this methodology.

No element is sacrificed in favour of another. Design without consideration of function is eschewed in favour of design that lends functionality. Similarly, something aesthetically pleasing and functionally valuable that cannot be executed with quality workmanship is passed on in favour of something that fulfills that element as well.

It is particularly on this last element of quality that Anzera shines. Both, end-users and industry peers acknowledge our attention to quality standards and the use of the highest quality specifications in South India. Examples of these specifications include high-quality imported items such as Italian made Yale locksets and Swiss quality floor tiles.

And when we talk about high-end specifications, it is not to brag.

For example, when we say we use Yale locksets in our projects, it is not for the purpose of using terms like “imported” or “Italian.”

Rather, if one visits the very first project we built 35 years ago, you will see we used imported locksets even back then. And those locksets work the same way today as they did 35 years ago.

That is why we use high-end specifications, to ensure that you, the end user has peace of mind for decades to come. That is the value of our Design Thinking methodology, a synergy between design, functionality and quality, to provide the best value for money you will get.


Our “Design Thinking” methodology helps you get a home that is just right…


“Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait” ~ Mark Twain…


The quality of your home is in direct proportion to the quality of the specs used in your home…