Brookside by Anzera is an award-winning project, including a place in the InCite 91+ ranking of the 100 best designs from across India. We can proudly state Anzera is the only developer with a design on that list, the rest of ranked designs belonging to individuals.

Designed as a private enclave for a select few, the project has a resort like feel with its Balinese landscaping and layout plan. The homes range from 2010 to 3511 square feet, with the biggest units having 4 bedrooms and a study.

All villas in Cochin are not created equal. Obviously the old adage of “You get what you pay for” is relevant. But increasingly, you find that most villas are built to less than acceptable quality standards, in fact they are built to shoddy standards. Nevertheless, you still pay more than what is worth. On that basis, you don’t get what you pay for. In other words,  you do not get value for your hard earned money.

Value for money is at the heart of everything we do at Anzera. We build our homes in Cochin the old fashioned way, to last for generations. The apartments, villas, commercial property and residential land plots we develop in Cochin, provide the best value for money in the industry. How do we say that so confidently? Well, rather than letting us tell you about why we provide the best value, we’ll also ask you to visit with us and prove it for yourself. This is where another old adage comes to mind, “the proof is in the pudding.”

So back to telling you about how we provide the best value for money. Obviously, when you buy a villa or flat in Kochi, you want to get a home that will be trouble free for many years, preferably decades. What does trouble free mean? That is a key point where Anzera villas and flats differ from other similar developments in Cochin.

Our villas and apartments are built to last and at the heart of how we make that happen is the simple premise of using the best materials from the foundation up. For villas, it will be something as simple as starting with a pile foundation, even in locations where our structural consultants tell us it is not necessary. For us, even if a villa does not require a piled foundation, we do it just so we can be 150% sure nothing will happen in the future.

On that same basis, everything we use in the villa or flat is of the best quality to ensure decades of trouble free living. For example, we often say the reason we use things like imported locksets and stainless steel bearing based hinges on all our doors is not to boast that they are imported items, but because the use of the same locksets and hinges in the first building we constructed in Cochin 40 years ago, work in the same smooth way today as they did 40 years ago. That is why we use those kinds of specifications, so they last for generations.

As a result, Anzera villas and flats represent the best value for money not just in Cochin, but in Kerala and indeed India. Are we boasting when we say that? Not in the least. If you bought a villa or apartment from anyone who used the same specifications we do, you can be sure you will pay much more. That is another point of difference between our villas and flats to comparable projects by others. We are priced fairly. We do not believe in gouging the home buyer for providing the value for money he or she deserves.

Most of the time, paying too much for shoddy quality villa or flat is at the heart of why you end up losing value for money. You pay too much to get what the developer provides. If the property is only worth Rs. 40 lakhs for all intents and purposes, you end up paying Rs. 60 lakhs, simply because the developer feels he is entitled to get a hefty profit for his trouble. And if the developer bothers to provide superior specifications, then the expectation of price for the home goes up exponentially, since it is marketed as a luxury home, even though the specifications represent nothing more than the minimum standard required to have a trouble free home.

So ultimately, you must decide if you want to spend your hard earned money on sub-standard villas or flats in Cochin, or get something that will provide the value you deserve. Ultimately, the developer will finish the project and leave. It is you who has to live there, either with the peace of mind that you got the best worth for your investment or regretting your decision and cursing the developer for providing poor value for money.

So we invite you to come and see for yourself if what we say is true. What do you have to lose? At the very least, we can guarantee 100% that you will learn a lot of things that will allow you to determine whether other developers provide good products or sub-standard products. So it’s a win-win as far as you are concerned. You can be convinced of our quality standards and invest in a home that you will love always, or you can learn about what defines good standards and use that information to your advantage to evaluate other developers.

So call us at 98475 66666 or email We are always happy to address every query in detail, so that you are an educated home buyer.


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