Who we are:

P.M. Abdul-Rahman is the Chairman and MD, with over 50 years of experience in banking, trading and real estate development. abdul.rahman@anzeraproperties.com +91 98956 33 888

Ziad A. Rahman is the CEO, with 25 years of experience in information technology, trading and construction. ziad.rahman@anzeraproperties.com +91 999 54 77 888.

Basheer Ahamed is the COO, with 25 years of experience in trading, retail and construction. basheer.ahamed@anzeraproperties.com +91 98956 44 888.

This core team has experience spanning a wide geography that includes the Middle East, United States, Canada, Hong Kong, South East Asia and India.

What we do:

We build homes that fuse great design, premium functionality and unmatched quality.

It is our legendary quality that gets us the most accolades, from public and homeowners alike.

Though we focus on niche projects, we’re proud others imitate features implemented by Anzera.

How we do it:

At the heart of our projects is the Anzera “Design Thinking” methodology. Comprised of three elements, ‘Design’, ‘Functionality’ and ‘Quality’, the value proposition of our ‘Design Thinking’ methodology distills to one word, ‘Desirability’.

Aside from creating ‘desirability”, through great design, functionality and high quality, we protect the environment, sustainably and economically. This final element rounds out our development philosophy.

Visit with us to see how we do things differently.


Our “Design Thinking” methodology helps you get a home that is just right…


“Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait” ~ Mark Twain…


The quality of your home is in direct proportion to the quality of the specs used in your home…